Like dancing? Interested in history? Wish to go for a ball and experience living tradition yourself? Welcome to Historical Dance Studio Les Danses Antiques website. Les Danses Antiques is a friendly group interested in learning, reconstructing and practising the dances from a previous epoch. The studio is specialised in Baroque and Victorian eras dancing. We run regular classes (approximately twice in a month). We also organise and participate in the balls and dancing evenings in Edinburgh and the rest of the world (Winter ball in London, Paris dance weekend, Festival of Historical Dance in Moscow). The historical dance community is truly international. So why not try it for yourself?
Les Danses Antiques group before the performance, 2019

Why are we doing this?

We like historical dancing firstly because of the beautiful music. Handel, Purcell, Luly, Strauss, Paganini, Tchaikovsky is the shortlist of our favourite composers. And the diverse character of this music ensures the diversity of the dances. Secondly, we appreciate their social character.  And finally, we might be a little bit romantic and like the elegance and the charm of the eras.

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