Regular classes

We run regular classes in early dance repertoire including Baroque, Regency and Victorian dances. See our timetable for more details.

COVID -19 Update: Our “live” classes and workshops are currently canceled due to coronavirus. However, we are slowly moving to an online format. Check our YouTube channel for new video tutorials!

Themed workshops

We are happy to organise a themed dance workshop designed for your event or venue. All our workshops are based on research in dance and social history. Some examples are below.

  • Dancing with the Prince – Edinburgh Dance traditions from the time of Bonnie Prince Charlie and Jacobite Rebellion
  • Dancing with the Queen – Dancing from the time of Mary, Queen of Scots and Elizabeth I.
  • Romance of Dance.
  • Dirty Dancing through Time
  • Dancing with Georgians – Dance tradition in Edinburgh Assemblies at the Age of Enlightenment
  • The Queen’s dance master – Dances taught to Queen Victoria and her family while they stayed in Balmoral

Historical dance performances

Are you interested in enriching your visitors’ or guests’ experience with a historical dance performance? All our programmes are accurately researched, always connected with venue history or event theme and often include much more than dance. Examples of our previous programmes:

  • Easter in the Palace: Nymphs and Shepherds.
  • Dancing with John Hope, botanist.
  • Charles II, James II, and Holyrood.
  • Auld Alliance: Dances from Scotland and France

Talks about dance and social history

We are always happy to talk about dance and social rituals associated with it. Some of the previous lectures we prepared:

  • Dances in Scotland and Russia at the time of Princess Dashkova
  • Georgian delights: How Edinburgh residents entertained themselves in Georgian times.
  • Walking tour: Stories from the History of Edinburgh Stage.

Wedding dance

Would you like your wedding to be set in your favourite era or period drama style? We are happy to help you to learn a wedding dance inspired by the special epoch or period dramas such as Jane Austin, Duchess, Poldark, Gone with the Wind etc.

Early Dance experience

Always dreamed of swirling in a waltz like Princes Sissi, dancing a minuet like Marie-Antoinette or maybe volta-ing around like Queen Elizabeth I? We can organise an individual lesson tailored to your taste, sometimes including the period costume hire. Contact us for more details.