Historical Dance in Lockdown

Inspired by videos from the Paris National Opera, the St Petersburg Mikhailovsky Theatre, and others created by the ballet community worldwide, some members of the Historical Dance Community came up with the idea of creating a similar video for the International Day of Dance (the 29th of April 2020). This spontaneous initiative was the result of our desire to express our gratitude and support to all those who work with dedication and courage to protect and support us. It was also the desire to bring some fun to the rest of us living in lockdown and isolation and hopefully making the confinement a bit more cheerful. Additionally, we would like to express our gratitude and love to professionals in the field of Historical Dance who may struggle during this downtime of the performances, classes, balls, and events.

We are grateful to Concerto Caledonia (https://www.concal.org/) and Historical Dance Society (https://historicaldance.org.uk/) for their support of our initiative and permission to use their music. More details about the project can be found below:


Birte Hoffmann Cabenda, Hamburg, Germany https://period.dance/

Roy Cabenda, Hamburg, Germany

Anne & Richard Smithies, Sowerby Bridge, UK

Lottie Adcock, Dance the Past, York, UK https://www.dancethepast.co.uk/

Irène Feste, Paris, France:  professional historical dancer, choreographer and researcher http://www.irenefeste.com/

Annette Ashton-Redlin, Grassington, UK

Hugh Hillyard-Parker, Edinburgh, UK

Helen & Steve Young, Northamptonshire, UK

Darren Royston, NONSUCH, UK: Shakespeare’s Dancing Master http://www.darrenroyston.com/ with Shakespeare Play Reading Club by MIDAS theatre, Moscow, Russia

Libby Curzon & Jocelyn Enfield, Mrs Bennet’s Ballroom, London, UK http://www.mrsbennet.co.uk/

Doris Van Der Aue, Netherlands

Elana & Egor Anosovy, Studio Trianon, Moscow, Russia https://trianon-studio.ru/en/

Alena Shmakova & Khafiz Muradov & Steffi Weintraub, Les Danses Antiques, UK http://www.danseantique.com/

MUSIC (in order of appearance):

“One Charming Night” from the album “Purcell’s Revenge” by Olivia Chaney (voice) & Concerto Caledonia https://www.concal.org/

“Nouveau Quadrille Russe” from the album “Music for Historical Dance N” by Alexandra Neronova’s Ensemble & Historical Dance Association https://hda.org.ru/muzyika-dlya-istoricheskih-tantsev-o-proe/

“Rossina. Voltati in ça Rossina” from the album “Ballare et Danzare” by Mediva & Historical Dance Society

Informational sponsors

Historical Dance Society (special thanks to Anne Smithies)


Early Dance Circle


Project idea and video preparation

Alena Shmakova, Les Danses Antiques http://www.danseantique.com/